Let's explore this amazing world together! Life at its best, moments worth remembering, a photojournalistic beloved approach to people's lives & feelings, heartfelt connections, travel, multi-cultural interactions, adventure, challenges, music and a whole lot of love, are just a few of the things that are always present in my search for life and in my photography, wherever in the world I or you happen to be. If you feel we are in the same boat, I think we should meet!

Juliana Wiklund photography, capturing your passion for life and your love around the world!

Sweden & England fall in love in Uppsala

We were supposed to meet Anne & Mark in Uppsala to take their couple shots after their wedding, but when we came

Love at Skytteholm

Last year I reached my record of booked weddings throughout my 15 years in the wedding business. And I’ve also

D.I.Y. American Swedish Barn Wedding in Dalarna

I’ve always dreamed of having a D.I.Y. wedding in a barn, and this time it was extra special, as it was not any

A magical engagement session in Iceland

When Matt first contacted me, he wanted me to capture beautiful couple shots of him and his girlfriend together as

Estonia & Sweden at an intimate forest wedding

”Let me find our agenda. Yes, OUR. We do everything together, so even our agenda is the same book for

A beautiful Beloved Wedding Session in Gothenburg’s Archipelago

When Juliana mailed me and told me that she was getting married and couldn’t think of anyone else to take their

Iceland, the land of dreams is visited by China

I’ve been to Iceland three times this year. Every time it has been a completely different experience. Every time