We love people and that's why you will rarely see one of us working alone. As we are also teachers, you will probably see us bringing a student or two along.

If you are planning to have us with you outside Sweden, we have also special packages to offer in case you have a tight budget where we can join your shoot with ahandfull of wonderful students. Only for shoots outside Sweden, specially in Tromsö, the Ice Hotel or Iceland.

Drop us a line and tell us your story and the love adventure you are  planning and we can send you some ideas!

JULIANA Yoda wannabe | Hopeless Optimist | Hugger

Juliana according to Johan:

Can never decide between two things she loves. Even worse than me in the morning. Loves rainy days only when she can stay in bed with a good book or a movie. Ice Cream and Hot Natural Baths will be her death some day. Wanderluster to the bone. Movie freak. The biggest social being and introvert person at the same time. Needs time in a "cave" by herself from time to time....and btw, how many books can a person own????

If you want to make her happy, introduce her to new indie music, great food or just a wonderful meaninful conversation topic!

Little hidden secret: was a real nerd in the 80s and 90s...with braces, thick glasses, loved to read so much that she walked into lightpoles aaaaaaand played cello...omg......

JOHAN Padawan | Tech Mastermind | Indy

Johan according to Juliana:

Johan is a man of a few words, but if you find the right topic you will notice that those few words can suddenly become many. He is my technical Yoda. If I want to know anything about why cameras or lenses or light behave in a certain way, I know he will always have the answers!

Loves: naps, hugs, good food and good heroes. And movies. Many movies. And zombies......maaaany zombies.....

Hates: too many things happening at the same time. Multi-tasking is a curse.

Little hidden secret: used to have earrings in both ears during the 90s. Can be found head banging in a Mustash Concert or listening to Indie Music in the Swedish Fjällen, where he grew up and finds his peace.

YOU IN LOVE | Adventurous | Open-hearted

You are possibly like us, if you managed to come this far!

Curious about the world, humans and unhumans. Seeing people by their heart and not their color or cultural background.

You love nature and you think the world looks better with a great soundtrack and good friends.

You are not afraid of showing your heart and being yourself and you think that having us alongside with you in your wedding would make your day even better.

If you are also like us, you will know that music is everything. And that you can even fall in love with a person based on their musical taste.....