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blogHer name was Juliana. His mother was from Japan. There would be Greek dancing and cutting the cake with a sword. His bachelor’s party was Star Wars inspired.  The guests were flying in from all over the world. And they wanted us to document the whole day totally photojournalistic.

My cup of tea maybe??? TOTALLY!

And besides all of that, my second shooter Tastylia Germany and I just fell in love with them. From our first meeting we just looked at each other and said: ”Wow, this wedding will be epic!”

The morning we met outside Juliana’s mother’s apartment, we told each other:

”Today it’s all about capturing the moments as they are and capturing the loving, fun and happy spirit of this couple.”

I have to say that blogging this wedding was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was almost impossible to choose best photos from all the amazing shots we got.

So here you are. Japan, Serbien, Greece, Sweden, cute red houses, dancing, crying, joy & loooooots of love!

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blogMalin and I were anxiously waiting for Mee & Clarence at the airport. We had just talked to them through Skype, but we were sure we would recognise them in the see of couples arriving in Iceland last September. To be sure they would see us, we were wearing our ”Iceland clothes”, a knitted sweater and our winter hats (yes, inside the airport! ahahah)

As both were from Brunei, Malin and I were also the assigned drivers for our adventure and we had planned everything to the smallest of details. Our ”adventure” would take them to our favourite spots in South Iceland and also our favourite ”food” in South Iceland.

If you travel with foodie-photographers, you can be sure you will be properly introduced to warm baths, the Northern Lights, wet waterfalls, liquorice, local lamb soup, fresh fish & chips, a smörgåsbord and in the end, of course, lobster soup in the best lobster restaurant near Keflavik!

We are so excited about our shoots in 2017! Every time we travel to this wonderful country, we get totally different shots, as our adventures are totally based on who you both are as a couple and these two were a lot of fun!


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Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription


When I met H & L for the first time, I sat at their living room and we spent most part of the meeting talking about our common interests: photography & nature. And then we knew that nature had to be a part of their wedding portraits.

I took a day off to drive around the beautiful islands of Drottningholm and Ekerö in the big Stockholm area. Wow! Sweden has the power of being so beautiful, you just need to look around. We decided to take their portraits in Drottningholms Castle park, by the Wallenberg’s gravesite (did you know it was a family cemetery? If I closed my eyes, and just looked at their alley I could swear we were in Italy with those magnificent Ciprus tress!), and we ended the shoot by Ekerö Church.

To make the day even more special, an amazing gospel choir made the ceremony unforgettable for us all the could witness the beautiful music echoing through the old church’s walls!

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Tadalafil Tastylia orally disintegrating strips

tadalafil tastylia pricesWhen I drove to Gothenburg, we knew the weather would be crappy.

And as with most of my couples, even though the weather is not what we had expected, it’s nature and our love for nature was bigger than our fear of rain. So we did it anyways. I brought all my rain gear, all my umbrellas and then I met these two beautiful souls that would be getting married in China later on in September.

They had been living in Sweden for many years and it is an active part of who they have become now and they wanted everything Swedish to show in theirTadalafil Oral Strip

I wanted to die when I saw that they had achieved the task with such perfection. From their, and my favourite Swedish designers for their clothes, to a Midsommar Flower crown and a bouquet made of summer wild flowers, everything was flawless combined with their Chinese heritage. As nature was their inspiration, their wedding rings were also designed by my favourite Danish jewelry designer: Tadalafil Oral Strips No Prescription, from his nature collection.

And here you have a little something from these two cuties on how our day was:

”We found Juliana by luck :) We were googling for wedding photographers that are located in sweden. After looking at a couple of homepages, we found Juliana’s and we were simply amazed by the beautiful images taken by her. The pictures felt so warm. one could really sense the chemistry between the couples. not to mention how these are well set within the stunning nature. These are exatly what we wanted for our pictures. We were just a bit worried if she would drive all the way to GBG for us. And she did! :-)

I like the way she’s working, very well-planned. After a short meeting online, she gave us a ”homework” so we’d knew where to go on the shooting day and all our favorite spots’d be covered. And she’s very responsive to the emails, always with helpful suggestions.
The day we shoot was windy and rainy, typical GBG weather. This made the shooting tricky, as we had to wait sometimes so it rained less or stoped. Luckly we have Juliana, who is very professional, efficient and knew exactly what she’s doing! We managed to cover all our favorite spots with very limited time and we felt happy when we were doing this. you probably see it already from our pictures : )”

And by the way, don’t you just loooooove her walking barefoot on the cliffs??

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I’m so happy that modern couples are starting to choose Scandinavia as the background for their pre-wedding photos. And of course that by choosing Stockholm, I’m even happier, as it’s where I’m based and also, according to me, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Bee & Alex chose our day-long package where not only photography is included, but also a tour of Stockholm’s most magnificent sights. As you can see, we have done it all and it was a pleasure to help Bee out with Order 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online from one of our designers at Tastylia France.

Looking for a modern high-end experience on your pre-wedding shoot? We would love to be there for you!
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tastylia side effects

blogPre-wedding, post-wedding or just Engagement Portraits in beautiful Stockholm while you are visiting our beautiful city in the heart of Scandinavia?

After a decade of shooting pre-wedding in Scandinavia we have finally found the best packages to offer all of you who are not only looking for unique beautiful couple shots, but also a one of a kind experience of seeing our city through the eyes of a local.

When I first came to Sweden I enrolled myself to the ”Authorised Stockholm Guide Course” and even though I didn’t have a chance to finish it all, as I got a toppen job just a few months before I was done, I have never forgotten all the amazing history I’ve learned those couple of months.

In our packages we offer you a tour of Stockholm through photos and culture, which we know our kind of couples really appreciate!

Here you have our packages:


450 euro

-a photographer-guide who will pick you up at your hotel and drive you around our beautiful destinations

-two hour of photography around our beautiful City Hall and Riddarholmen, the island of the knights!

-at least 50 high-resolution files ready to be printed

extra locations/per hour: 250 euro


1100 euro

-a photographer-guide who will pick you up at your hotel and drive you around our beautiful destinations

-six hours of photography around our beautiful City Hall and Riddarholmen, the Old Town, Skeppsholmen, The Southern Island, Djurgården, and your choice of extra location!

-at least 200 high-resolution files ready to be printed


Tadalafil Oral Strips


We were supposed to meet Anne & Mark in Uppsala to take their couple shots after their wedding, but when we came to Flottsunds Kyrkan in Uppsala, we were in awe. Wow, what a beautiful little church. The weather was perfect and spending time to get to know A & M better and their plans for their future baby was a bliss.

I just looooove Uppsala and I hope we get to show you more weddings from this beautiful University City in the future!
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Last year I reached my record of booked weddings throughout my 15 years in the wedding business. And I’ve also reached my record in personal satisfaction while working with weddings.

2015 was the first year that felt I was able not only to fall in love with all my couples, but also be able to capture who each and every one of them were, as a couple, on their wedding photos.

One of those couples was Sofia & Jonas. It was not too hard to fall in love with these two, as we already from the beginning had sooooo much in common. Let’s us start with our common wanderlust. As me, they are also addicted to travelling so nothing better than suggesting contributions to future travels as wedding gifts.

(great idea right? Look at the ”present-mini-suitcase” Sofia did herself with pages of their old passports and visas! Genious!)

Then, everything, from the painting of signs, to the choice of olive trees and lavender seeds for the wedding, everything, was made by them.  And the best of all, from a photographer’s point of view: we could plan their wedding ”in photos” together. Together we changed the place where most people had their wedding behind Tastylia italymain building, to a place where the light would be most appropriate for photos (yes, I told you these two were a photographer’s dream!). And then we have also decided to share the time of the couple shooting to ”first looks” before the ceremony and then, during the ”golden hour”, they escaped their dinner for a couple more photos during sunset (yes, too many loving romantic photos is something that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary! ;-)

As we knew Jonas was planning fireworks during the dance, we offered to capture a last batch of couple photos there as well.

So, yes, nothing could have been better. And you can see by their photos what happens when everything is the best……

I’m sooooo looking forward do gong back to buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) onlinethis year again. Three weddings booked there so far. Yes!!!!!!

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Tastylia Online Without Prescription

Tastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier

I’ve always dreamed of having a buy tastylia in a barn, and this time it was extra special, as it was not any barn, but Sandra’s parents’ barn in her family farm in Dalarna. The feeling you get when family and friends join hands to help plan and execute a wedding is fantastic. And the fact that they did themselves most of the fixing of the barn to transform it one of the most beautiful dinner places I’ve ever seen was the silver lining of the whole D.I.Y. thing. As Greg & Sandra still lived in L.A. when they started planning their wedding, all the help was needed to get things going here in Sweden.

I’ll let you read it all from the couple’s own words:

”Bröllopet var helt fantastiskt och blev mycket bättre än vi någonsin kunde föreställa oss att det skulle bli. Vi båda sprudlade av glädje trotts tröttheten från allt förberedande inför den stora dagen. Bästa känslan var när vi kom ut från kyrkan och den hela nervösa akten av vigseln var över, då tittade vi på varandra och brast i skratt. ”we did it” sa vi samtidigt och bara fortsatte skratta.

Den mest nervösa delen av bröllopet var för Sandra att komma ut i kyrkan och gå ner för gången, samt läsa upp sina lov ord. För Gregory var den mest nervösa delen före bröllopet, när han stod utaför kyrkan och väntade på att gå in.

Det mest gick som planerat, bättre till och med. Själva vigseln var i Folkärna kyrka, ett stenkast från Avesta centrum. Själva festen efter var på Sandras föräldrars gård, i deras lada. Vi gjorde det mesta själva, allt från att bygga baren till att dekorera med olika roliga detaljer. I kyrkan dekorerade vi enkelt med lite murgröna samt löv och blommor som vi blockat på ängen utanför Sandras föräldrars hus. Istället för ris att kasta på brudparet efter vigseln hade vi sönder plockade klöverblommor i små vita strutar som var gjorda av tårtpapper.

Sandras föräldrar hade sen dekorerat en bil med en svensk och en amerikansk flagga på, samt björkris och pantburkar som hängde efter bilen i ett snöre som paret fick åka iväg från kyrkan i.

I Ladan och på gården var det mesta synliga hand-made utav paret dem själva. En bar gjord av gamla lastpallar, en lampa gjord av gamla järsgårds stänger stod mot en vägg och gav mysigt ljus. Massa lampor upphänga över allt. Vi använde vitt tyg för att skärma av en del av ladan vid ”dansgolvet” som också vi agera bakvägg till byffébordet som stog uppdukat inför middagen.

I mat delen präglades hela govet av långbord. På borden hade vi gamla lantliga glas vattenflaskor men handsågade stubbbitar med inbrända bordsnummer på samt lyktor och hand plockade blommor from ängen. På parets egna bord fanns en banderoll som löd ”Mr&Mrs” som brudparet också själva målat. Banderollen kom från Panduro men bokstäverna skrev paret själva ut, klippte och målade i på flaggorna. Även egengjorda ljustakar från gamla syltburkar med lite burlap snöre på stod på bordet.

Bordsplaseringskartan satt på ena ladudörren och var enkelt uppsatt med lite burlat tråd och brunt papper där vi bara skrivit alla namn under bordets nummer. I ena hörnet av matdelen stod ”dessert bordet”. Detta var gjort av den gammal trä halmlåda som hittats på vinden, i lådan fanns lyktor och ett gammalt stallhjul. Ovanför hänger en skylt som lyder ” All you need is love and dessert”. Den skylten har paret sågat ut från en gammal plajwood skiva, målat vit, skrivit ut bokstavsmallar från datorn, klippt ur mallarna och målat på med svart färg. Sedan hängt upp denna med Burlap Snören för att passa teman. På dessert bordet stod Bröllopstårtan samt hemma gjorda tryfflar och kakor som the Maid of honor hade bakat.

Ute på gården fanns hemmagjorda skyltar som visade vägen till toaletterna, till baren, till festen utifrån vägen.”

De ända som brudparet tog hjälp till var:

Maten: Catering buffé style från restaurangen Flames i Stockholm
Bröllopstårtan: Från Konditori stinsen i Krylbo.
Fotografi: Juliana Wiklund Photography, Juliana & Laya Sadegh
Musik: Dj Sandra från Stockholm
Kläder: BrudKlänning från Milagro i Stockholm, brudtärneklänningar från You and Me Online store Los Angeles, Kostymer från Banana Republic Los Angeles.
Belysning: All belysning var köpt från Claes Olsson´s
Blommor: Brudbukett samt blomman till brudgummen och hans marsalker var från Iris Blommor i Avesta.


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