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”Let me find our agenda. Yes, OUR. We do everything together, so even our agenda is the same book for both.”

Togetherness. And looooots of love.

These were the two things I kept thinking about when I met Helena & Oliver, a violinist and a composer. How much more romantic could that get? Their love story between Estonia and Sweden was soooo loving and warm, and the intimate wedding they had planed was just perfect for a love-addict like me. A wedding in the forest, in an opening they found themselves while walking around Rosendals Trädgård, their immediate family and their closest friends. Two of their musician friends would play out there under the trees, they had picked their own flowers for their bouquet in Rosendals Trädgård the evening before,  and the Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription, the rings and the earrings have all been specially designed for them by amazing Estonian designers.

Look at these super talented Estonian artists that helped with the design beauty on Helena:

The dress was made by Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) Without Prescription
Instagram: #ateljeepits #pitsbytriinisak

The rings were made by Tadalafil Tastylia orally disintegrating strips

Instagram: #merlekasonen

The earings were made by tadalafil tastylia prices
Instagram: #maritalumi
Togetherness. And looooots of love. Look at these beautiful story and you will understand why we fell in love with these two on this autumn day!

blog2Tadalafil Oral Strip

Tadalafil Oral Strips No Prescription


When Juliana mailed me and told me that she was getting married and couldn’t think of anyone else to take their photos, my heart melted!

And then of course when she asked me if I could consider travelling to Gothenburg just to take their couple photos, there was no doubt in my heart I just could’t say no. And there was no doubt in my heart either that that session would be a Beloved Session. The fact that she ”happened to be” from my hometown, have studied in the same Design University I did, had had the same major AND had the most wonderful name in the world, were just little details that added to the whole awesomess of this adventure together.

As part of the planning for our Beloved Experience on Saturday, they got to choose a place for us to ”explore”, a place that meant a lot to them, and they had to choose three objects to bring from home that ”reminded” them of each other. It turned out that one of the objects they brought, was the same! How cute is that: both brought Havaianas! It was the third ”object” though that made us all cry when Ingemar brought it out of his bag: he had made a compilation of all the mails they had sent to each other from the first time they met and under all the years they were having a long distance relationship, while she was living in Brazil and he was in Sweden.

Their pictures exhale the love, closeness, respect and togetherness which are the pillars of their relationship and I’m so happy I could capture these feelings for them in form of photography.

P.S.: as both Juliana and I are design-freaks, look at her amazing rings!!!! Designed by the Danish Designer Tastylia (Tadalafil) Purchase 20 MG. The rings are inspired in nature….just perfekt……LOVE them!

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Order 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online


I’ve been to Iceland three times this year.

Every time it has been a completely different experience. Every time it has been completely mind-blowing.

That’s why I have decided that if I’m going to book a shoot in Iceland again, I want it to be like mind-blowing to everyone we photograph.

Having your wedding, pre-wedding, or like Yun’s shoot, your dream trip, documented in Iceland does not include only beautiful photographs in their fairy-tale environment. For us, it also includes an EXPERIENCE and and ADVENTURE together.

You really have to EXPERIENCE Iceland when you are there. The people, the food, the hot natural baths, the amazing power of nature. And then your photos will not only be a documentation of your stay there, they will also be palpable memories of how you felt in this magic place.

We picked up Yun, who had come all the way from China, at the Blue Lagoon and then she got to come along with us for an adventure we had prepared just for her under her two-day stay in Iceland. My colleague and photographer friend Jennie, who is an expert of everything to do with Iceland was our cultural guide. As Jennie is from the North of Sweden, she was also our expert ”snow and ice” driver, to make our trip together totally safe.

This is what we did under those two days, and that’s what you can get if you want to book us for your shoot:

Day one

We started our day in Geysir, where as we booked a hotel literally across the street from the Geysers,  Icelands Geysers only for ourselves! To warm up a little and experience a little of the Icelandic hot bath culture, we drove to the Secret Lagoon in  Fludir.  A hot bath in the middle of nature and hot springs. Even with the rainy weather, it was magnificent! Along the beautiful road 30 towards the city  of Vik where we would spend the night, Yun could ”meet” the truly friendly and kind Icelandic Horses (which Jennie also knew a lot about and taught us all about the horses behaviour, so we would know the difference of being happy or annoyed with us! ). Of course we had to stop  by Seljalandsfoss  and my favourite waterfall ever,  Gljúfrabúi, which is hidden inside of a mountain and demands courage to visit. As Yun was super brave to go inside, so did we, and we had 20 seconds before our cameras got all wet to capture her in this out-of-this-world environment! The typical ”Icelandic Lamn Soup” by the waterfall is also a must in the cold November weather. If you are more a Fish-and-chips kind of person, there’s also a little ”food truck” in the neighbourhood that sells amazing ones.

Day two

The green moss outside Kirkjubaejarklaustur on the way to Jökulsarlón really looks like a scenery taken out of a sci-fi movie and of course we found the best looking part of it, to take some extra photos of Yun. The glacier lake was the  day’s top adventure. Every time we have been to the lake, it looks different because of the Icebergs that fall down the water and are taken to the sea through the lake. As being the adventurers and curious people we are, we had to go to the beach to where all those icy bits are taken to and get some amazing shots there as well.  The mountains and glaciers around this area are really breathtaking, so many stops were necessary along the way close to Skaftafell.

Thank you Yun, for wanting to do all the crazy stuff we had planned to you and for falling in love with Iceland as we done! Yun is a wedding planner from Shanghai who was testing our ”Adventure_Experience_Photography Package” in case any of her pre-wedding couples would like to have an unique Icelandic experience with us. You can find more about Yun and her modern thinking about Pre-wedding photography here:

Tastylia France

And also thank you buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription for letting me test their Tastylia Oral Stripon these photos! I just loooove the skin tones of their presets!

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Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Without Prescription


Il Mare. Olive Trees. Chilli pepper. Narrow roads. Crazy driving. Olive Trees. Il Mare. La Montagna. Lemon. Il Mare.

Wow. It was my first time in the Amalfi Coast and I felt that I went all in. I even got asked if I were from Rome, which can be the biggest compliment for a fourth generation Italian.

And than add the most wonderful Brazilian couple to that list. Plus one of my mentor-students, that came along to learn about the way I think and shoot people in love in places to love.

We spent two days in Positano, waking up inhumanly early and waiting for the beautiful late afternoon light to set in.a

And all the small little cities down the coast, us driving, feeling sick with all the turns, laughing and stopping the car at everything that caught our eye. Just like a true adventure should be: filled of discovery and joy.

Hope you will also fall in love with these two and with this place as we did. From the second we saw the ”mare”….

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Tastylia italy


When I was asked to prepare a new course on Destination Photography that would be filmed in Paris for Sweden’s biggest online photography school, buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online,  I was thrilled to hear Louise and Anders would be my real life couple.

As my photography is very personal, and as I also wanted this course to be, I decided to use one of our Paris days as a ”real photography day”. We filmed everything I would do for real, as if I had a real couple wanting to take couple pictures in France.

I had heard Louise once say that what she loved the most about her relationship with Anders was the fact that they did things together. She thought that it was the doing-things-together that made their love so strong, even after all those years. Experimenting unexpected things, experimenting new cultures by really immersing themselves into that culture. Togetherness. One of my favourite words. And that word became the sparkle for my asking Anders to plan a surprise ”activity-day” together with Louise.

Anders, who is amazingly creative, came up with the idea of picking up things all day, in different areas of Paris,  for a romantic picnic at sunset. The list would give Louise tasks to do stuff together with Anders, and at the same time, give them both the chance of discovering and exploring what’s French and what’s Parisian. And again, as Anders is who he is, the list turned out amazing!!!

Check it out:

1. The Wine Shop LES CAVES AUGE. Paris’ oldest wine shop which has been open since 1850. Ask for help in finding a romantic wine for the picnic.

2. FROMAGERIE LEPIC has cheese from all over the world. Buy one you think Anders would think it’s magically delicious.

3. In 2011, AU LEVAIN D’ANTAN won the very prestigious ”Paris best baguette” prize. Be sure to get one of them for your basket.

4. Go in SACRE COEUR and feel how it feels to stand inside such an impressive church. Light a candle for someone close to you. Don’t forget to check the old Carroussel on the bottom of the stairs as well.

5. Find HOTEL DE VILLE and try to re-create Robert Doisneaus famous kiss photo together with Anders.

6. Take Anders to the fantastic bookstore SHAKESPEARE & COMPANY and let him get lost in all those old books.

7. Walk west along the SEINE RIVER. See if you can find the house where CHAMPOLLION (who deciphered the hyerogliphs) lived. Keep on walking until you find CHOCOLATIER DEBAUVE ET GALLAIS and buy the most delicious chocolate you can find.

8. Walk on to LA GRAND EPICERIE where you can find all kinds of food in an amazing environment. Grapes are a must! And maybe something else you think should be included in a great picnic basket!

As you can see by the pictures, we had an amazing day together, AND a new idea was born: now when you book your Paris shoot with me, that’s what we will do. THINGS TOGETHER. That’s how I want to document Paris for you. Together with the Parisian Photographer Milena Perdriel, we will give you an unforgettable day in the city of lights, with beautiful pictures as a eternal reminder of how much fun and loving we had together!

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Tastylia Online Without Prescription

blog0To believe that there’s love and compassion in this world, and to find proof that it really exists.

Our Saturday was all about that and much more. True love. Compassion. Hope. Strength. Togetherness.

To see more than 20 different companies work together for a greater good. That’s true love.

Thank youTastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier for giving buy tastyliaand I the chance of documenting Lotta & Elias’ wedding day.

A day that will always be in our hearts as the day a special group got together to show that together we are strong. Together we can show the power of unconditional love, and that’s the biggest force on Earth.

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Tadalafil Oral Strips Spain


I met K & J for the first time in their home. It felt warm, cozy and just like a family home should be.

”Our son wants to have a Buy Tastylia 20 mgto the wedding. He wants to look as nice as his big sister and he thinks that a dress is a much nicer thing to wear than a  jacket and tie.”, they said.

And I thought, wow! What a wonderful strong little boy. When I grow up I wanna be like him! And what an extraordinary family that just lets kids be kids. That’s the moment when I fell in love with them. I could tell them: Tastylia (Tadalafil) Buy 20 MG”.  ;-) And I hoped that he and the family would hold their ground until the wedding day.

On the wedding day, when he came out of the room, there he was. As nice as his big sister, proud, courageous, strong, with the cutest pink swirling dress. And it was fun as well! The whole day went to ”experimenting” Tastylia Oral Strip without prescription. Not as easy when you are used to climbing and running and spinning, but it went just fine in the end. Even with the fancy shoes. Just like big sister’s. Needless to say that Gisela and I were in heaven!

A week after the wedding I traveled to Tallinn for  judging in a  wedding photography competition. At the same time the competition was taking place, many wedding photographers from all over the world talked about their passion for wedding photography. In the end, it all boiled down to telling stories. Your stories as a base for connecting with your couples’ stories.

When I came back to Stockholm to work on these pictures, it hit me. Yes….it’s all about stories, but not only yours or the couples’. More like a fusion. In this story, you will not only see K & J’s story, but much of my own. Moments that I don’t want to see being lost in time. Moments that work as a catapult to ”re-feeling” things that you wanted to re-live over and over again.  I realized that falling in love with a couple can only happen if our stories share some of the same chapters. I realized that if both me and the couple share the same thoughts about what life is all about and how it should be captured, my photography can reach amazing depths.

Everyday life. Joy and happiness in the little mundane things of living with kids. Love as strong as a hammer. That when it hits you, you can only awe and capture it before it vanishes in time. And isn’t it what life is all about? A collection of milliseconds of love and…..true connection.♥ blog1

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  • Caroline

    Wonderful pictures and wonderful insights, Juliana!

    I think you are right, you just put into words what I experienced before but was not able to put my finger on.

    Love the little boy, what a great kid :)tastylia strips reviewsCancel

Tastylia Spain

blogWhen you have done two weddings at the Ice Hotel, you think that you have a plan. You think you know everything.

Then you arrive and see that nothing was like it had been when you were there. You see that the temperatures are at least 20 degrees warmer and you see that the beautiful snow caped trees you had planned to have in the background of your dream pictures had become average green. And that the Ice Hotel is kind of melting.

You also notice though, that you happen to be there in a weekend of sun storms and a celestial nature show of Northern Lights all night long. And then all the terrible freezing wind during our couple shooting, all of that, is totally forgotten, because the pictures we get are incredibly warm. Their warm embrace. Their warm looks of pride when calling each other Mr. and Mrs. for the first time.

That your cute couple from England that you had only met on Skype is as wonderful and friendly and amazing as you had imagined, becomes the icing on the cake. I had thought that this would be a post with a few pictures, but I’m sorry, I just have to share with you all of these.

Intimate weddings, with family and close friends and an 80 year old grandma that goes up in the middle of the Ice Church and sings ”The Rose” a cappella, after had been doing all the possible winter activities the Hotel has to offer. Picture that. Yeah, Laya and I were in heaven.

That’s the kind of wedding photography we are meant to do. That’s the kind of wedding photography and connection with marvelous open people that touches our souls forever.

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    I was at Lee and Emma’ Wedding at The Ice Hotel
    These pictures are stunning !
    You have captured a magical day so beautifully.
    A day everyone who was there will never forget.
    Thank you so much for helping me re-live it all over again.
    You are in a league of your own.
    Markbuy Tastylia Oral Strip online without prescriptionCancel

Order Tastylia Oral Strip Online

Tastylia ”We are going to get married in two weeks. Just the two of us. We get married and then we will send our friends and families a picture we take with the phone when it’s all done. It’s top secret.”

What is the first thing a wedding photographer does when a friend tells you she is getting married? Of course you wonder who the photographer will be.

”Ummm….we haven’t thought about that. We have no photographer. It will be simple, just us.”

What does a wedding photographer do when she hears that?

”ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND????? You will not document one of the happiest, most important days of your lives?????”

And the rest is history. I ended up ”suggesting” myself as a photographer as they were not going to have anyone anyways, right? And I added that I really wanted to do it as a present to one of my good friends whom I love (and also because I would never be able to live knowing they had NO PHOTOGRAPHER! hihih), it would be ok then to have me, right?

And as the pain-in-the-butt friend I am, I started: ”Wouldn’t it be great if he could at least have his family there? What about Astor??? He is part of your family. He HAS to come along. What? He is a puppy and veeery active??? No worries, we will have a fun shoot! You know me, I love a challenge! What about your clothes? You haven’t chosenbuy Tastyliaonline no prescription??? You could bring some cool gloves….and then we could try to have some snow in the background for the delight of the Brazilian friends and family…..”

So I ended up being there and feeling soooooo happy that I had convinced her to have me there. They were soooo happy. They were soooo in love. And while other wedding photographers were posing their couples by the structure of the beautiful City Hall in Stockholm, calmly and peacefully,we were running, screaming at Astor NOT TO JUMP and laughing until our stomachs hurt. It was complete chaos for a photographer that doesn’t have a dog and has a dream of having a family picture with all three (dog included) looking and smiling happily and blissfully at me!

I love how chaotic it was. I love how nervous I was for photographing a photographer. I love how my nerves were on top of my skin. I love that Jaanus suit was covered in dog Tastylia without prescriptionin less than five minutes into the shoot. I love that Astor did nothing we asked him to do and still, he was great! I love that everyone around was looking at us as if we were aliens, specially the other wedding photographers. I love that I could capture the wonderful out-of-this-world-awesome people this two are. And I love that I could have another friend with me that kept telling me that everything would be ok (and holding the dog, which was a greeeeat help sometimes!). Thanks Jonas!

I tried to keep this post short, as we only shot for one hour, but it was impossible. Tooooo much love. Toooo much goodness. And asTadalafil Oral Strips Online is also one of the best wedding cinematographers here in Sweden, I couldn’t resist being a little film inspired with some photo-sequences…..So here you are, my love statement to M & J!♥

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  • Maira

    Yes, we were going to take a selfie on our cellphones and send to our families. I swear it sounded like an amazing idea! What was I thinking?!

    You said we would want those photos in the future, that we would want to go back in time and remember how it was. So now it’s been like 1,5 month from the wedding day and I already find myself looking at those images and going back in time! And remembering how we felt, all the love, all the happiness. It doesn’t matter if it was a small and intimate wedding… getting married feels different and special and emotional. I know now!

    I am SOOO happy you convinced me to do it otherwise! Thank you Ju for the best wedding present ever! And for being this TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER and FANTASTIC WOMAN you are!!! Love you!Buy Tadalafil Oral Strips USACancel

  • Amazing stuff guys. You couldn’t have chosen a better photographer than Juliana… or did she choose herself? LOL… ;-) Either way, these are gorgeous, how could they not be? And I love that Astro was with you, too. That shot with his hair all over Jaanus is priceless!!Tastylia WholesalerCancel

Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription

blogWhenever someone wants to book us for a destination wedding, we book a Skype meeting first.

We feel that connection & affinity are the first rules for us to bring out the best of both of us. If we are going to spend days together, we’d better like each other from the start.


When I talked to Jo & Jason, it was love at the first Skype-sight. Adorable was the least I could say about them. From the first minute, we talked as if we were old friends and everything they said was answered by a big ”me toooooo”. When Maira and I landed in Tromsö and saw that they had booked us all rooms in a 100 year old typical Norwegian home WITH a Norwegian family, my backpacker heart sang. We were then sure we were going to have great days ahead.

I find it really amazing how you can connect  and have sooo much in common with people you have just met and come from completely different cultures. It’s almost like you are living inside a dream world where weird coincidences are part of everyday life.

J & J were studying and working in the UK, but were originally from Brunei, where they will get married in April. We knew nothing about Brunei, so our days were spent driving hours around to find the most beautiful locations, eating delicious food, discussing cultures, life, love & how wonderful our world is.  I can see that our strong connection has affected how our photos turned out. When I look at them I can still remember our wonderful time together, how brave they were in the terrible cold,  their laughs, their hugs, their sweet love and the pure friendship they offered us from the beginning.

I really miss them and our adventures, but I’m sure that we have made friends for life and one day I’ll be showing you pictures of their beautiful family in Brunei! ♥︎
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