Bröllop i Smådalarö Gård: Jewish & Swedish Wedding by the water

Oh, what a wonderful day Saturday was! The excitment of the ”rain” or ”not rain” helped us feel even more creative with our pictures.

As I have lots of great pictures to show, I’ll start with ” the beginning of the day” and save the ”end of the day” for a second post.

This wedding had soooo many personal touches that I hope I don’t forget to mention anything here. To start with, Fredrik designed the rings himself together with the couple’s close friend who also happens to be one of the best jewelers in Stockholm. The dress was not any dress either: Ariella designed it herself combining details of her favorite wedding dresses into her own personal favorite.

As it had rained until about 10am, we decided to bring our umbrellas for the family shoots and in the end, even though the sun decided to come up for a while, we wanted to use them all!