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I’m so happy that modern couples are starting to choose Scandinavia as the background for their pre-wedding photos. And of course that by choosing Stockholm, I’m even happier, as it’s where I’m based and also, according to me, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bee & Alex chose our day-long package where…

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Pre-wedding, post-wedding or just Engagement Portraits in beautiful Stockholm while you are visiting our beautiful city in the heart of Scandinavia? After a decade of shooting pre-wedding in Scandinavia we have finally found the best packages to offer all of you who are not only looking for unique beautiful couple shots, but also a one…

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Cheap 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Stripsbuy Tastylia online without prescription

When Matt first contacted me, he wanted me to capture beautiful couple shots of him and his girlfriend together as they ended their backpacking trip in Iceland, a big surprise to his girlfriend Sophie. We would drive around and explore Eastern Iceland and it was tons of fun to see everything together for the first time. And…

Tadalafil Oral Strips Online

buy tastylia oral strips online no prescription

When Juliana mailed me and told me that she was getting married and couldn’t think of anyone else to take their photos, my heart melted! And then of course when she asked me if I could consider travelling to Gothenburg just to take their couple photos, there was no doubt in my heart I just…

Tastylia Buy 20 MG

Buy Tastylia 20 mg

I’ve been to Iceland three times this year. Every time it has been a completely different experience. Every time it has been completely mind-blowing. That’s why I have decided that if I’m going to book a shoot in Iceland again, I want it to be like mind-blowing to everyone we photograph. Having your wedding, pre-wedding, or…

20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online

Il Mare. Olive Trees. Chilli pepper. Narrow roads. Crazy driving. Olive Trees. Il Mare. La Montagna. Lemon. Il Mare. Wow. It was my first time in the Amalfi Coast and I felt that I went all in. I even got asked if I were from Rome, which can be the biggest compliment for a fourth…

When I was asked to prepare a new course on Destination Photography that would be filmed in Paris for Sweden’s biggest online photography school, Moderskeppet,  I was thrilled to hear Louise and Anders would be my real life couple. As my photography is very personal, and as I also wanted this course to be, I…

Whenever someone wants to book us for a destination wedding, we book a Skype meeting first. We feel that connection & affinity are the first rules for us to bring out the best of both of us. If we are going to spend days together, we’d better like each other from the start. ;-) When I…

“Dear Juliana,My fiancé and I are hoping to take some pre-wed shots with an artistic flair. We’ve been together for a decade  and he is the first and last man that I have been with. Our relationship has withstand adversity and years of long distance much like my favorite phrase ‘ad astra per aspera’ ‘through…