Couple Shots in Vaxholm

There is no better place to be in the world than Sweden in the summer, if the weather is good, of course.

I have to agree with the Swedes, that Sweden is really beautiful in the summer, specially for photographers. The soft light, the blue water, the islands, and of course, the beautiful people. Lena & Erik are two of those. Lena was one of the first people I met when I had moved to Stockholm, as we ended up working in the same Marketing Department of a big international company. So when Lena asked me to take a couple of shots before her wedding, I knew the “couple-of-shots” would not be just a couple. ;-)

And theeeeen of course, I had to test my new 100mm, CARL-ZEISS MACRO lens…..wooooow…..if you look at the pictures of the rings, you will understand my wowing.

If I could bring with me one memory of these wonderful hours we spend together, I’ll have to say that it was finding out that Erik, not only a charming groom, but also the perfect man. Did you know that he was the one the helped Lena pick the dress? Did you know that he had been observing wedding bouquets since they decided to get married, so Lena would have the perfect bouquet on their wedding day. And my not being able to bring anything they didn’t know about each other during our beloved session was a complete proof that these two were really twin souls.

And of course, the endless “ohhhhh” Eva (who was second shooting with me) and I let out everytime they said something super cute to each other or when we finally got to see their two boys in their “wedding clothes”. OMG, how adorable can boys be??? ;-)
My little camera friend Hasse made sure I had two new best friends when we went home that day!