Destination Gotland wedding

blogI was in a workshop a few weeks ago when the photographer said that he had found out why destination weddings always brought the best out of him: the fear, challenge and most of all, the excitement of the unknown. As that came right to me as a powerful insight, I realized that I have always felt the same. I loooove the unknown, I loooove to be somewhere I have never been before, I love to feel my creativity and my sensible soul almost screaming out of my skin, as all my senses work together to absorb and capture everything I see that is beautiful. And then I can tell you my friends, that’s when I can see beauty EVERYWHERE.

I’ve been working on this Gotland wedding for weeks now. I was supposed to deliver an amount of pictures that became…..well…..I don’t even want to tell you how many more pictures than promised I’m sending them. I-just-could-not-take-anything-else-away. Everything was…….just magical….

As I want to share with you all the beauty, love & warmth and the gorgeous Gotland Gisela and I experienced, I’ll share this wedding with you bit by bit. ;-)

One of the best thing about destination weddings is the chance we have of being around for a whole weekend. Then we can also be around from the moment the couple start getting ready to the first dance. Those quiet and intimate moments of the getting ready process have a big special place in my heart. Combine that with two out-of-this-world cute boys and tadaaaaaa, you have me in my natural habitat. I love love love each one of those pictures and hope you can also feel the huge love wave coming out this family while they get ready for one of the best days of their lives. ♥blog1blog3