Fyfan vad kallt!

“Fyfan det är kallt!”, Terri says in her lovely British-Swedish. I just love shooting with Terri. We think the same, we help each other and our pictures are always a perfect match to telling any wedding story.

And then I think back to all those inspirational blogs we  look at: those amazing LIGHT pictures in California, with the sun beaming from behind the couple. Or the bride standing next to her happy groom, smiling in the middle of the woods in Australia or on a beach in Brazil, while the wind blows her hair away, and they both look at each other, feeling warm, happy, and smile….VRUUUUUUUMMMM……the cold freezing wind brings me back to Swedish Winter reality and almost cuts parts of my own hair away while it blows gelid frozen wet snow drops into my face….“fyfan vad kallt”

I would be second shooting for Terri on this cold December day. It was not really that cold, but the cold, mixed with the fierce wind and the snow was really here to kill us.

Even though we probably have the most dreadful weather to shoot weddings in the world, and the best no-light environment EVER, Swedish couples are definitely the best in the world to cope with weather-hostilities. We did not only shoot these beautiful two in the falling snow BEFORE their wedding, but the bride also posed bravely only on her thin wedding dress AND survived. If I were freezing in my five layored outfit, I can not even start imagining how she must have felt. And as you see by the pictures, she was completely ok with it. 10 thumbs up to Swedish Couples, really!

Terri, who felt sorry for the couple has also the great idea of shooting them inside Stockholm’s Central Station, which turned out as an amazing plan B for when the weather decides to throw an evil plan on your wedding day.

As I was most of the time holding up my video light to try to bring a little bit more light to our darkness while Terri shot the couple, these are some of the pictures I managed to take in between.

For the complete story and many more amazing images, check Terri’s blog up HERE.

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