Love at Skytteholm


Last year I reached my record of booked weddings throughout my 15 years in the wedding business. And I’ve also reached my record in personal satisfaction while working with weddings.

2015 was the first year that felt I was able not only to fall in love with all my couples, but also be able to capture who each and every one of them were, as a couple, on their wedding photos.

One of those couples was Sofia & Jonas. It was not too hard to fall in love with these two, as we already from the beginning had sooooo much in common. Let’s us start with our common wanderlust. As me, they are also addicted to travelling so nothing better than suggesting contributions to future travels as wedding gifts.

(great idea right? Look at the “present-mini-suitcase” Sofia did herself with pages of their old passports and visas! Genious!)

Then, everything, from the painting of signs, to the choice of olive trees and lavender seeds for the wedding, everything, was made by them.  And the best of all, from a photographer’s point of view: we could plan their wedding “in photos” together. Together we changed the place where most people had their wedding behind Skytteholm’s main building, to a place where the light would be most appropriate for photos (yes, I told you these two were a photographer’s dream!). And then we have also decided to share the time of the couple shooting to “first looks” before the ceremony and then, during the “golden hour”, they escaped their dinner for a couple more photos during sunset (yes, too many loving romantic photos is something that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary! ;-)

As we knew Jonas was planning fireworks during the dance, we offered to capture a last batch of couple photos there as well.

So, yes, nothing could have been better. And you can see by their photos what happens when everything is the best……

I’m sooooo looking forward do gong back to Skytteholm this year again. Three weddings booked there so far. Yes!!!!!!