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A magical engagement session in Iceland

When Matt first contacted me, he wanted me to capture beautiful couple shots of him and his

Couple Shoot & Wedding Ceremony on Gotland

The South of Gotland is an unexplored part of this beautiful Island. Old fishing villages,

Destination Gotland wedding

I was in a workshop a few weeks ago when the photographer said that he had found out why

Pre-wedding in Norway, from Brunei to Tromsö

Whenever someone wants to book us for a destination wedding, we book a Skype meeting first. We feel

Brazil and Estonia fall in love in Stockholm

”We are going to get married in two weeks. Just the two of us. We get married and then we

Australian Winter Wedding at the Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi

What an exciting month this has been! Many months ago I got a mail from Australia.  E & A, who

Engagement Portraits in the Amalfi Coast

Il Mare. Olive Trees. Chilli pepper. Narrow roads. Crazy driving. Olive Trees. Il Mare. La

Engagement Portrait in Paris

Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and for us, at its most beautiful state when

Pre-wedding with Northern Lights in Tromsö, Norway

”Dear Juliana, My fiancé and I are hoping to take some pre-wed shots with an artistic flair.

Beautiful Haitian & Swedish wedding in S:t Jacobs Kyrka in Stockholm

Japan. We started talking about Japan. Or was it that they were so easygoing and friendly I

France & Australia fall in love in the French Countryside

We are sooo effective and excited about all the beautiful wedding pictures we have taken today


I know I talk a lot normally, but I truly don’t know what to say now. 

I don’t want to say I’m happy nor thrilled nor any other thing that uses words to describe what I feel. I just wanted to give you all a huge bear hug and a big smile.
For the beautiful, touching and sincere photos that we now have, that truly shows how we are and express how we feel; for the company, the tips, the help, the laughs and the talks; but mostly and more importantly for the friendship.
To summarize, we have gorgeous pictures, a heartfulling ceremony under the auroras, and we got you. We couldn’t ask for anything else. 
So I’ll just say: thank you!
Di and Gio”
Giovanna & Diogo – Snaelfellness, Iceland, november 2016



Vi hade inte kunnat önska oss en finare bröllopsdag än den vi fick på Julita i augusti.

Tack för att du och din kollega fångade denna dag på ett fantastiskt sätt. Det finns så mycket värme, känslor, och omtanke i bilderna ni tog. De bidrar verkligen att vi för alltid kommer att minnas denna dag.


Caroline & Mattias – Julita Gård, 15 augusti 2015


”From the moment Julianna emailed me back, I just knew she was perfect for the job! She was professional but also extremely friendly and made us feel so comfortable. She was just as excited as we were to venture to Iceland for the shoot and her excitement only added to ours. 

Julianna is unique. She has a unique ability to take photos that mirror the emotion, the anticipation and the beauty of the day. When we look at her photos we instantly remember how we felt at that exact moment. She is also a unique human being. So humble and professional but also childish and fun. The type of person you instantly want to be friends with. 
Juliana you’re amazing. Your skills as a photographer, as a professional business woman and as a person are simply superb. Thankyou for sharing our perfect day with us we will hold you in our hearts forever. ”
Sophie & Matthew– Iceland, September 2015



Vart börjar vi när tack inte känns tillräckligt?…

Din glädje och enthusiasm gjorde fotograferingen till en dans och ditt konstnärliga uttryck fångade vår dag precis som vi önskat!

Mest av allt gläds vi åt att du förevigat de små ögonblicken som svävar förbi dagar som dessa. Ett ansiktsuttryck hos en släkting, en fin omfamning, utbytta leenden vänner emellan eller en torkad tår. Dessa bilder är små dyrbara skatter som kommer värma våra hjärtan livet ut.

Vårt varmaste tack!”

Jonas & Sofia Wiklund- Skytteholm,  juli 2015

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”Tack så enormt mycket för de otroligt vackra bilderna!  Du är grym! ;-) Nu drömmer vi om att hänga upp favoritbilden som en stor tavla i sovrummet att minnas med varje dag. Kram!”

Anne & Mark – Uppsala, juli 2015


”Tack för ditt fantastiska arbete med våra bröllopsbilder! Ni bidrog verkligen till att göra vår dag mer lyckad än vi hoppats på!!

Annika & Fredrik – Utö, June 2015


”Skulle änglar ha vingar skulle dem synas på dig. Vi vill tacka dig för ditt stora engagemang  på varan stora dag.

Inte bara dina bilder var fantastiska utan även din sprudlande, varma personlighet under vår dag. Vi är så glada att du var med. Så TACK för att det finns sådana som du. Din hjälp har betytt mycket för oss.”

Lotta & Elias, Västerås-juni 2015

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”Thank you so much for making our magical Lapland wedding even more special. You were above and beyond to make sure you captured all our treasured memories, even the majestic Northern Lights. ”

Emma & Lee, Icehotel Jukkasjärvi-march 2015

jojason”Juliana’s work has essence; emotive. It started with a feeling, and a letter soon followed. The overwhelming warmth of a response I received from Juliana only confirmed my instinct. But what I got far exceeded my expectations; because in her, I found warmth, abundance of enthusiasm and dedication to match. Her positivity is infectious and together as a whole, created this impenetrable bubble of hope for us that something beautiful was going to come out of this. Aurora became another blessing gifted to us. She was not only like a friend who could be reminded of ‘us’ when she chanced upon a souvenir, she was also every bit the amazing photographer her accolades boast as she was able to appreciate a moment’s beauty and preserve it in a picture forever.

I cannot promise that your experience will be exactly as mine. However, if it so happens that it is and the chemistry is there, consider yourself lucky and be prepared for a great time.

Dearest Juliana, I thank you for your generosity; you gave us all your talents and more just to capture ‘our dream’ adventure; one that both Jason and I will forever hold close to our hearts. The celestial work of art you gave us was created through the romantic imagination of a poet. We are so proud of it. I hope that when Jason and I live till the ripen years of old age, we can reminisce Aurora through the essence of the photos you took. Until we meet, in our next adventure…”


Jo & Jason-Tromsö, Norway. January, 2015


”Dear Juliana,

I love your work because your work is alive! Not only do your pictures tell a story but they speak.You capture more than a pose, but also a moment, a spirit, an energy and a mood in each still shot. In fact, its hard to call you photos ”still” even though pictures are stationary inanimate objects. However, your photography has life; I can see the people breathing, hear them laughing or crying or sighing. I loved the emotion in your pictures. Juliana, you can transmute a photo into a life, a picture into a biography. You added joy to my wedding gown! I booked you based on your talent, I fell in love with you based on your personality. Being photographed by you was the absolute highlight of my day. You are so warm, positive, friendly and familiar. It was a pleasure having you as a guest at my wedding, because you felt like a friend/family member. You seamlessly slipped into my heart and the hearts of all my guests. You felt like a part of us, so we were able to be totally open, natural, and true. And now each time I look at my photos I feel happy and joyful. I am so appreciative to you for preserving my day. Thanks to you I can relive my wedding day, any day. Thanks to the warmth you brought to my wedding dress, my day was even more magical and my joy was magnified. To other brides, I know that having a destination wedding is expensive and flying in and sheltering a photographer can seem extravagant. But Juliana is affordable, amenable, and worth the investment. When the food is eaten, the flowers dead, the music stopped, the night will never end. It will be alive and continue in her photographs into posterity.”

Gratefully, Mrs. Raishel Jones-Osaka, Japan. April 2012