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There is so much that could be said about the way we work. And there is so much of who I am which will go into your images.

That’s why we want to say it personally and meet you !

If you don’t live near us, we love Skype and would love to ”meet” you over an overseas cup of coffee! We also feel it’s important that you know some stuff about us, as specially at destination weddings / engagements or pre-weddings, we will be spending looooots of time together:

-NATURE. Nature calls me and nature makes me feel I’m part of something bigger, more amazing than my mind & heart can comprehend. Most of my couples feel the same, choose intimate weddings or elopements out in the wild. It’s all about them, their connection, their loved ones, their love to each other.

-ADVENTURE. Yes. My kids even make fun of me when I announce: ”This will be our next adventure!”. Yes. Life for me is a great adventure and it’s made up of  unforgetable moments, exploring the unknown, testing our boundaries, getting to know interesting people, expecting unexpected serendipities and having great conversations, usually during car trips or stops for ”fika” or some local food. Aren’t these usually the results of a great adventure together?

-We like the royal we. We usually speak in ”we”-terms, as togetherness is a part of who ”we” are! Juliana seldom travels alone, which is usually a win-win combination: she is always surrounded by someone she trusts and loves and you will get an extra photographer no matter where in the world you choose to take your photos.

– We like personal, we like friends, and we like a lot of love. That’s why none of our weddings look the same. Because no one in the world looks like you, nobody can be as great as you. And that’s also why we seem to attract a lot of couples looking to Elope or couples planning a very intimate wedding. We looooooove intimate weddings! We want our couples to feel so present in their moment that they forget they are being photographed.

-Spotify.  The best invention ever. And for sure present in our car trip, with a playlist we will make specially for our road trip together, according to the country we will be visiting with you. And be afraid, be very afraid: there might be some singing involved!

-Food!!! Ohhhh, how we love food. Yes, foodies we are. We feel that whenever we are in another country, and even in Sweden, tasting good, local and a super plus, healthy food can be seen as one of the serendipitous moments of an adventure.

As you may have noticed now , we are ”wanderers”, open to traveling worldwide. We have a fixed travel-cost fee depending on where in the world you would like to take us.

-Destination weddings  in SWEDEN start at 14.000 sek

-Destination weddings  in Europe start at EUR 3000,00

-Destination weddings  in Iceland start at EUR 2500,00

-Destination wedding  in Asia/Americas/the rest of the world  start at EUR 4000,00

Are you planning an amazing intimate destination wedding?

We have special packages for those who want us there because they believe in the power of connection, the power that exists when you put your heart and soul into doing what you love and bring the right people to the right place. Please drop us a line and tell us all about why you believe that we are right for you and we will do everything we can to be there to show you how amazing you are together!

And if you have an adventure prepared for your wedding in an wow- location, contact us for a special quote. We would love to hear all about your plans!

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