Pre-wedding adventure in South Iceland!

blogMalin and I were anxiously waiting for Mee & Clarence at the airport. We had just talked to them through Skype, but we were sure we would recognise them in the see of couples arriving in Iceland last September. To be sure they would see us, we were wearing our ”Iceland clothes”, a knitted sweater and our winter hats (yes, inside the airport! ahahah)

As both were from Brunei, Malin and I were also the assigned drivers for our adventure and we had planned everything to the smallest of details. Our ”adventure” would take them to our favourite spots in South Iceland and also our favourite ”food” in South Iceland.

If you travel with foodie-photographers, you can be sure you will be properly introduced to warm baths, the Northern Lights, wet waterfalls, liquorice, local lamb soup, fresh fish & chips, a smörgåsbord and in the end, of course, lobster soup in the best lobster restaurant near Keflavik!

We are so excited about our shoots in 2017! Every time we travel to this wonderful country, we get totally different shots, as our adventures are totally based on who you both are as a couple and these two were a lot of fun!


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