Pre-wedding in Gothenburg

Celebrity Inspired DressesWhen I drove to Gothenburg, we knew the weather would be crappy.

And as with most of my couples, even though the weather is not what we had expected, it’s nature and our love for nature was bigger than our fear of rain. So we did it anyways. I brought all my rain gear, all my umbrellas and then I met these two beautiful souls that would be getting married in China later on in September.

They had been living in Sweden for many years and it is an active part of who they have become now and they wanted everything Swedish to show in their pre-wedding photos.

I wanted to die when I saw that they had achieved the task with such perfection. From their, and my favourite Swedish designers for their clothes, to a Midsommar Flower crown and a bouquet made of summer wild flowers, everything was flawless combined with their Chinese heritage. As nature was their inspiration, their wedding rings were also designed by my favourite Danish jewelry designer: Ole Lynggaard, from his nature collection.

And here you have a little something from these two cuties on how our day was:

“We found Juliana by luck :) We were googling for wedding photographers that are located in sweden. After looking at a couple of homepages, we found Juliana’s and we were simply amazed by the beautiful images taken by her. The pictures felt so warm. one could really sense the chemistry between the couples. not to mention how these are well set within the stunning nature. These are exatly what we wanted for our pictures. We were just a bit worried if she would drive all the way to GBG for us. And she did! :-)

I like the way she’s working, very well-planned. After a short meeting online, she gave us a “homework” so we’d knew where to go on the shooting day and all our favorite spots’d be covered. And she’s very responsive to the emails, always with helpful suggestions.
The day we shoot was windy and rainy, typical GBG weather. This made the shooting tricky, as we had to wait sometimes so it rained less or stoped. Luckly we have Juliana, who is very professional, efficient and knew exactly what she’s doing! We managed to cover all our favorite spots with very limited time and we felt happy when we were doing this. you probably see it already from our pictures : )”

And by the way, don’t you just loooooove her walking barefoot on the cliffs??