Sanaz & Jamie: Iran + England marrying in Sweden

I’ve been spending days post-processing Sanaz & Jamie’s wedding. Not only the pictures turned out amazing, there are TONS of great pictures I can just not take away. So I sit and post-process, endlessly. I have my outstanding second shooters to thank for that, Laya Sadegh & Susi Baxter-Seitz, who have done an out-of-this-world job on covering everything else I humanly couldn’t cover.

Today I had a glimpse of the light in the end of the tunnel and probably by tomorrow you will have a full post of this whole day coverage we did a couple of weeks ago.

And have I already mentioned that I lOOOOVE my new Carl-Zeiss 100mm macro ? Yeeees,it’s a GREAT LENS!!!  Hope my accountant is reading that and really seeing that the months I have lived of bread & water were really worth it! ;-)