Snaefellsnes, Island: an elopement under the Northern Lights!

“Ju, Johan & Jennie,

I know I talk a lot normally, but I truly don’t know what to say now. 

I don’t want to say I’m happy nor thrilled nor any other thing that uses words to describe what I feel. I just wanted to give you all a huge bear hug and a big smile.
For the beautiful, touching and sincere photos that we now have, that truly shows how we are and express how we feel; for the company, the tips, the help, the laughs and the talks; but mostly and more importantly for the friendship.
To summarize, we have gorgeous pictures, a heartfulling ceremony under the auroras, and we got you. We couldn’t ask for anything else. 
So I’ll just say: thank you!
Di and Gio”
Sometimes it’s hard to put into words the experiences we have. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words the love we can have for the couples we meet.
Diogo & Giovanna are one of those couples. Our adventure together started almost a year prior to their Elopement and it has taken me months to be able to sit down and share our adventure with you. How can you share an adventure in photos when behind every single photo there’s laughter, great conversations, ginger tea and deep thoughts about life and the Universe? And you have made a couple of great friends on the way?
Let’s try starting by the beginning then…..
The original plan was to come to Sweden in November. The Sweden they love so much. But in NOVEMBER???? After a couple os Skype meetings we got to the conclusion that Sweden is great, but in November, the darkest, coldest, greyest and rainiest-no-sun month of the year…well, not so.
Where should they celebrate their Elopement then, they wondered?
Well, there is one country that is great any time of the year, and actually the greyer, colder and weirder weather it gets, the better for the “drama” in photos. AND it was also the best place in the world to see the Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights hade been in D & G’s bucket list in a long time, so our plan sounded like a dream. So we booked three days together. And I booked my talented friend and photographer Jennie Thoren to be my second shooter. Jennie also happens to love Iceland even more than I do and is one of the biggest Iceland Experts I know. By the time we were going to travel, I had already decided that as I had a feeling this adventure would be epic, I should also bring my partner & photographer Johan Ekman along. Johan who also looooves nature and had never been to Iceland before and I thought, well, why not? The more the merrier and all good things come in three, so why not, right? Let’s go all three of us and make this Elopement really memorable!
Besides going all three, we also planned on having three different cameras, three different lenses and three different points of view. Yes, when you hire us we really do go all in!
The result of this amazing “joint venture” is here, and I hope that it will inspire you all couples out there, who wish to have more of your adventure in Iceland, who wish to have stories, new friends and an amazing experience together in Iceland’s out of this world nature power.
As Giovanna & Diogo are both great cinematographers in Brazil, they also thought of every single detail from their planning side. They have filmed their Elopement and having their filming and their cameras was also part of their story we documented! We can’t wait to see their film and I promise to post the link here as soon as it’s ready!
Here you have some of their tips for other couples planning on an Elopement in Iceland:
-Giovanna’s dress was inspired in the simplicity of Iceland and designed by the great brazilian Atelier jardim Secreto 
-As an Elopement is usually just the two of you, the best tip is to go to a “self-make-up” course before the trip. For Giovanna, she got help from Puntuale 
– Diogo’s clothes/shoes came from the Swedish Brand Tiger of Sweden and of course, the Icelandic Sweater couldn’t be missed!
-Have you noticed Giovanna’s “scarf”? Diogo’s grandma has knitted that! Isn’t it beautiful?
-The planning before the trip and the personalised route for our photos was all done by Jennie & I, thinking of what would be the best places for them to see according to who they were as a couple, in the few hours of daylight we had per day.
(and we were sooooo lucky that the Aurora decided to show up on the first day we were together so Gi & Di could have their vows exchanged under the beautiful Northern Lights, just as they had planned!)
You can follow Giovanna’s instagram with their own beautiful photos from the trip HERE.