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We were supposed to meet Anne & Mark in Uppsala to take their couple shots after their wedding, but when we came to Flottsunds Kyrkan in Uppsala, we were in awe. Wow, what a beautiful little church. The weather was perfect and spending time to get to know A & M better and their plans…

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Last year I reached my record of booked weddings throughout my 15 years in the wedding business. And I’ve also reached my record in personal satisfaction while working with weddings. 2015 was the first year that felt I was able not only to fall in love with all my couples, but also be able to…


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When Juliana mailed me and told me that she was getting married and couldn’t think of anyone else to take their photos, my heart melted! And then of course when she asked me if I could consider travelling to Gothenburg just to take their couple photos, there was no doubt in my heart I just…

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Il Mare. Olive Trees. Chilli pepper. Narrow roads. Crazy driving. Olive Trees. Il Mare. La Montagna. Lemon. Il Mare. Wow. It was my first time in the Amalfi Coast and I felt that I went all in. I even got asked if I were from Rome, which can be the biggest compliment for a fourth…

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When I was asked to prepare a new course on Destination Photography that would be filmed in Paris for Sweden’s biggest online photography school, Moderskeppet,  I was thrilled to hear Louise and Anders would be my real life couple. As my photography is very personal, and as I also wanted this course to be, I…

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I met K & J for the first time in their home. It felt warm, cozy and just like a family home should be. “Our son wants to have a dress to the wedding. He wants to look as nice as his big sister and he thinks that a dress is a much nicer thing…

When you have done two weddings at the Ice Hotel, you think that you have a plan. You think you know everything. Then you arrive and see that nothing was like it had been when you were there. You see that the temperatures are at least 20 degrees warmer and you see that the beautiful…

Whenever someone wants to book us for a destination wedding, we book a Skype meeting first. We feel that connection & affinity are the first rules for us to bring out the best of both of us. If we are going to spend days together, we’d better like each other from the start. ;-) When I…

“Dear Juliana,My fiancé and I are hoping to take some pre-wed shots with an artistic flair. We’ve been together for a decade  and he is the first and last man that I have been with. Our relationship has withstand adversity and years of long distance much like my favorite phrase ‘ad astra per aspera’ ‘through…