Juliana Wiklund

_DSF3371webbI’ve spent these last years trying to figure out why I’ve become a photographer. What is it about photography that makes it a part of me?

What is it about my photography that makes it a part of you?

I’ve gotten to a simple answer: because it matters. Because our life matters. Because in the middle of this chaotic life, there are moments of such beauty, there are moments of such loving simplicity surrounding you that should never be taken for granted. That should never be forgotten. I want my photography to be a concrete reminder of how much you are loved, in the moments where love is so strong that it can almost be palpable. Love matters. Connections matter. Life matters.

And then when you are sitting on your porch watching the sunset at old age, and still being amazed at how beautiful life can be, you can  look back at your photographs and feel the same warmth of the sun with the certainty of the knowledge that you-have-lived.

If I would tell you where I’m from, I would have to say that as a start I’m a Brazilian Swede, or a Swedish Brazilian, who has Germany, Italy, Portugal & Africa in my blood, and Japan in my soul. I have friends all over the world, of all different cultures, faiths and backgrounds and what unites us is our love for each other and for believing we can make this world into a better place by being understanding, kind & loving each other for what our hearts are!

Hope you feel we can contribute a verse to the story of your life, then we would love to hear from you!

A big warm hug from Sweden,
Juliana Wiklund


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