THis iS US!

The Wolf and the Oak tree was born of the bond of two souls and their desire to capture a different kind of wedding story. A story where what matters most is true love connections and the people surrounding it. And this is why most of our couples have intimate weddings, why they choose to go back to what they believe is real: love and nature.

Is this what you are planning? We would love to hear your story!

Yoda wannabe | Hopeless Optimist | HuggerJULIANA

Juliana according to Johan:

Can never decide between two things she loves. Absolutely not a morning person. Only loves rainy days if she can stay in bed with a good book or HBO/Netflix. Ice Cream and Hot Natural Baths will be her death some day. Wanderluster to the bone. The biggest social being and introvert person at the same time. Needs time in a "cave" by herself from time to time ... also, how many books can a person own????

If you want to make her happy, introduce her to new indie music, great food or just to wonderful meaningful conversation!

You can also find her teaching photography at Fotografiska or online at Moderskeppet!

Padawan | Tech Mastermind | IndyJOHAN

Johan according to Juliana:

Johan is a man of few words, but if you find the right topic you will notice that those few words can suddenly become many. He is my technical Yoda. If I want to know anything about why cameras, lenses or light behave in a certain way, I know he will always have the answer!

Loves: naps, hugs, good food and good heroes. And movies. Many movies. And zombies......maaaany zombies.....

Hates: too many things happening at the same time. Multi-tasking is a curse.

IN LOVE | Adventurous | Open-heartedYOU

You are possibly like us, if you managed to read this far!

Curious about the world, humans and other beings. Seeing people by their heart and not their color or cultural background.

You love nature and you think the world looks better with a great soundtrack and good friends.

You are not afraid of showing your heart and being yourself, and you think that having us alongside you on your wedding day would make your day even better.