An Intimate Family Wedding in Djurgården

“I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.” 

— Lord of The Rings

E & J told me that they were going to get married in a park, in one of their favourite places in Stockholm:  in Djurgården. Where exactly it didn’t matter, as long as it was outside, and they were surrounded by nature, their closest friends and family and their loved daughter.

We met by the restaurant where they had had lunch together and the ceremony was held right there, under the trees in a beautiful summer day. We were only together for a couple of hours, but it was enough to capture the amazing wind of love that  surrounded them.

Apart from the Ceremony, E had written a love letter to J, which was read in privacy, moments after the ceremony. Lisa and I, who where shooting their wedding, couldn’t help but be carried away in that wind of love. Not a dry eye in the house. <3 Please join us and witness what love is all about.

(E & J love black and white photos so that’s why most of the images in this post are retouched like that!)

“Vi gjorde som du sa o tog ett glas vin o lite musik till igår.
Vilken upplevde att få se alla dessa ögonblick.
Så häftigt att få uppleva det vi inte såg hos oss och hos våra nära o kära.
Vi är så himla glada över att du fotade oss och vi är 
väldigt rörda över alla bilder!
Vi hör av oss och stort tack för att du hittade ögonblicken och känslan på ett
väldigt personligt och konstnärligt sätt.”



Through photography we found love and through love we do our photography.

We share the belief that the best things in life lie in simple things, family and closeness to nature. We hope that we are the match you are looking for!

Big hugs from Stockholm!

Juliana & Johan