An Intimate Russian-English wedding in Stallarholmen

“We are two odd balls in love who work with creative integrity and are getting married in an intimate wedding in the bride’s childhood home, with only our immediate family and a couple of friends present, and our dog, of course. And yes, we love Martin Parr……”

A & D contacted me a month before their wedding and as a gift from life, were getting married on my only free Saturday in August. From the moment I talked to them, I knew we were right for each other.

And then when we got to Stallarholmen and they got to show me the locations they had chosen for the couple photos, Gisela (who was second shooting me me that day) and I almost died of happiness: an old abandonned factory, a forest of skinny trees and an old castle by the lake……wow…..the  joy of shooting an architect and an artist: we had the same idea of what cool and beautiful meant. They also let us shoot exactly they way we had envisioned their photos and these are probably among the most creative ones we have ever taken.



Through photography we found love and through love we do our photography.

We share the belief that the best things in life lie in simple things, family and closeness to nature. We hope that we are the match you are looking for!

Big hugs from Stockholm!

Juliana & Johan