Artipelag Love

“You had me at hello.”

This could never have been more true as for when I med Rawand for the first time. It was like meeting a mirror in a way. Well, a mirror of my alter ego.

It could have been his huge smile which lighted up his whole face, or it could have been the positive energy that reached out to me as a beam of light, or the kind words on how much time he had spent analysing my photos and my work online and how he knew we would be a perfect match. Or maybe the fact that he loved Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Or even, maybe, maybe, that he was getting married on the island where I live in the archipelago and in one of the most beautiful design museums in Stockhom, Artipelag.

The truth is though,  when we sat down and he started talking about the love of his life, Nadine,  that my heart just melted and I knew that we couldn’t leave the room without having decided we would be the ones to document their love story in the summer.  Well, I also knew that I definitely wanted to adopt them as well….(I little problem I have when I fall in love with couples that could have been my kids……♥♥♥)

The end of July came and it got to be the hottest day of the whole year. Temperatures were around 30 degrees celsius and for Sweden, this is like…..almost unbearable. It was though perfect for an Archipelago wedding and sipping champagne in the museums beautiful Roof Terrace has never been more perfect. 

When we left the venue for our five minute drive home, both Johan and I were smiling and thinking, “wow, what an honour to have been part of this celebration and having met such a positive, joyful and loving group of family and friends from all over the world.”

They said that we felt like family, like we had been part of their lives all along. Yes, R&N, as you know,  you had us at hello! ♥♥♥

Here you can see a film made by the wonderful British  cinematographer we had the pleasure to work with,  Ben Walton, which shows you better this feeling I’m trying to describe:

Rawand & Nadine

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Through photography we found love and through love we do our photography.

We share the belief that the best things in life lie in simple things, family and closeness to nature. We hope that we are the match you are looking for!

Big hugs from Stockholm!

Juliana & Johan