Love is Love, an intimate forest wedding in Stockholm

I’ve been procrastinating blogging this wedding for a long time.
Every time I attempted to start and went through all the photos to choose my favourites, I cried so much that I had to stop.

Too many feelings, too many people I love together showing their humanity in the most powerful way.

But today I’ve sat down and decided to do this. This story is important, it should be shared in this crazy world we live in right now, where people are treated differently based on where they come from, their skin color, their sexuality or basically because they dare to be different.

How can I write about something that is beyond words? How can I write about a love that sees no color, no form, no gender. A love that is so pure that only sees the beauty of souls, souls that can love you for who you are deep inside.

A wedding where EVERY-SINGLE-GUEST loved the couple so deeply that words were not enough, so tears just flooded all the time. And their families….so supportive, so loving, so…..much love….. All the time. As if our hearts knew we were witnessing something so big and so pure that no word would ever be enough, so tears would have to do.

When I think of our world in a couple of hundreds of years, I’d like to think of a world that sees every person by the beauty, kindness and strength of their souls, and their souls only. Linda and Julia are already living in this world and I feel honoured to call them my good friends, as they inspire me to be a better person and give me hope that a future like is possible.

If you ask me what weddings I love shooting the most the answer would be pretty easy: weddings like this one, where they only thing you are trying to show off with is the love you have around you.♥︎

The best stories are told by the story-makers themselves, and this is by far one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever heard, so I’ll let you read it from Linda & Julia’s own words:

“It was just one of those love stories. You know, girl meets boy, falls in love and ends up marrying her best friend – but with a little twist.
We were two people with a real connection and a lot of love. Two co-workers and friends who figured out that the love of their life was sitting just a couple of desks away. For the first time in my life I could be completely honest about me, us and who I wanted to be with him. He felt the same way and from the start we shared everything. Even the things we hadn’t told anyone – ever.
That is how I came to know that a part of Mikael was not a boy, but a girl.
Never in a million years had I ever thought that I have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, but when he told me that he didn’t want to grow old as a man but as a woman – there was no doubt in my mind.

I never loved him for being a man, I just loved the person she was.

So, this is the part of the story when I will introduce you to Julia. Julia is my best friend. A funny, quiet and thoughtful person who has such a huge heart. I have never met anyone who cares so much about others wellbeing without asking for anything for herself.
She is literally my soulmate and I have never deserved the light that she is. She doesnt even know it.
No day has ever ment more to me than the day she wispered I do and my heart has never felt so safe as when I fall asleep next to her every night.
We wanted our day to be all about celebration and love. Our home was an open house for pretty much three days and everyone who wanted to come and hug and laugh was welcome. We had people sitting on the floor helping eachother out with their hair and a batalion of people making food in the kitchen. Just like we wanted.
When we walked through the forrest to the ceremony I felt like I was flying!
We asked our guests to please be present in the moment with us and had an unplugged ceremony – to us, those minutes were magic. Uterlly magic.

If you are planning a wedding, we just want to tell you this: It is your day. It is all about you, in a good way – and you are allowed to do what ever you want!
We did ceremony – cake and champagne – dance and then dinner at our favourite indian restaurant, because we wanted to. The places we picked were places that mean something to us, that are close and will allow us to visit any time we want. No hotell, No catering, No “Have-To’s”. So, know this – Your love is all that matters, and that is why you are doing this. It doesnt matter who you are on the outside or what labels you wear, you go and be you! Its ok!

//Linda and Julia”

Here is a list of all the beautiful people that made much of the beauty possible (I can recommend each and every one of this amazing professionals):

Slideshow music: Amy Seely

Signs in the Forest: Linda & Julia

by the way, Linda is a kick-ass wedding photographer herself (yessss, I know… pressure being her photographer, right? 😉 Check her work out at

Hair and Make up: Le Beauty, Leticia Tavares
Wedding bouquets: Blommor4U, Lena Kleingeld
Wedding dresses: Sensible M, by wonderful Helena Parmér
Wedding Celebrant: Jenny Thörnberg
Wedding Gluten Free Cake: Ia Yngvesson Havsluft o Smulpaj
Wedding Reception: Bergholmstorpet i Bagarmossen
Wedding Dinner: Tre Indier, Åsögatan

Music: Sarah Nilsson och Maria Ljungström

Curiosities and Serendipities: In 2015 I was speaking about Moment Design at the Photography Fair in Stockholm and in the end of the talk, Linda & her best friend Cecilia came to talk to me to thank me for the inspiration. They were sooooo “härliga” that I fell in love with them right there. Since then, they have worked for me, I have worked for them and I can tell you with no doubt that these two are in my list of BFF. Love these kinds of serendipities and how photography can really bring amazing people to my live!



Through photography we found love and through love we do our photography.

We share the belief that the best things in life lie in simple things, family and closeness to nature. We hope that we are the match you are looking for!

Big hugs from Stockholm!

Juliana & Johan