These are our Wedding Packages for Sweden!

We believe a great story should be told with many photos and no stress, that's why our packages are not about hours but about what you want us to document. 


For Couple Shots or Short Weddings at the City Hall. It includes:

  • two planning meetings
  • one photographer
  • a 100 high-resolution post-processed files
  • a 1000:- voucher for our high-end products

14.000 sek


Wedding ceremony,  family and group shots and a special Moment Design Couple Shoot in your favorite location!

  • two planning meetings
  • two photographers
  • at least 300 post-processed digital negatives
  • a private gallery
  • a 1000:- voucher for our high-end products

18.000 sek


Everything The London Collection includes plus documenting both of you getting ready or if you want us to stay and document the mingel with your guest, the bridal toast  and the first dinner toast.

  • two planning meetings
  • two photographers
  • at least 400 post-processed digital negatives
  • a private gallery
  • a 1500:- voucher for our high-end products


do you want both getting ready and mingel?



Documenting the whole wedding day, from the moment you both start getting ready until the beginning of the party!

  • two planning meetings
  • two photographers
  • at least 600 post-processed digital negatives
  • a private gallery
  • a 1500:- voucher that can be on your exclusive high-end products



We would love to hear what you have in mind!

We offer combined shoot + workshop!

As Juliana is a teacher here in Moment Design, at the Museum of Photography, Fotografiska, and at the largest Scandinavian Photography online school, Moderskeppet, she has the option of offering combined shoots with a couple and students, for locations such as Iceland, the Ice Hotel or Tromsö.

With this option we have the possibility of offering other rates than the ones in our packages.

Please contact us for more information about this program!

Some A’s to your Q’s

Are travel costs included in your prices?

Yes, for love adventures abroad (outside Sweden), we try to include everything in our prices (flights, car rental, food and hotels).

If you are planning on going to Iceland, we would love to come along your car, otherwise, only for Iceland, this will be the extra cost.

How long does it take for us to get the photos after the wedding?

Depending on the season, it can take from three to twelve weeks, but we always send you a sneak preview a couple of days after the wedding!

Do you do pre-weddings?

Yes! We have been doing pre-weddings for a decade and we love the concept. We have already done pre-wedding shoots in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Tromsö, Iceland, Venice, The Amalfi Coast & Paris, and we would love to explore even more cities with you!

Who photographs the weddings?

Juliana is always the first photographer and her second shooter is usually Johan. When he can't make it, we bring one of our super amazing associates! As Juliana is a teacher, there might be a student as well! ;-)

How many photos do you deliver?

We shoot all the time so we have a tendency to deliver a lot of photos! The quantity can vary from 200 to 700 depending on how long we will be with you.

All our files are professionally post-processed and you will be getting photos in a mix of color and black and white.

We know it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer, but just curious, what cameras do you work with?

We are also very curious about new cameras and very nerdy about always having the best equipement to do our jobs. So right now we have Canon 5D, Mark IVs, we have a Fuji XT-2 and we have a Hasselblad. And then all the possible prime lenses you can get for them. And we always shoot with two camearas each with back-up memory cards on all of them! ;-)

What happens if you get sick?

We put a lot of time and energy in living a healthy life so getting so sick that we can't work is something that hasn't happened yet in these two decades we have been shooting weddings.

We believe in always being prepared and having plans B, C, D and E in life, so that's why we are often two photographers that are assigned to your wedding and we have a huge network of colleagues that can jump in and help us shoot or shoot for us if we need back-up!

Why does it cost so much for a few hours work on our wedding day?

You are absolutely right about costing too much IF we were only working on your wedding day. Which we are not. Only. Working. On the wedding day.

Our working hours start when we meet you for a consultation and then again, at our second consultation. Then there is the work on the wedding day, which takes about 1/5 of the hours we include on your packages. The biggest amount of hours goes to the work we do AFTER your wedding. We download all files, save them to different hard drives, go through every-single-photo, opening them, fixing contrats, colors, clipping away parts of the photos that are not supposed to be there and so on. 

And then there are the taxes, the insurance for the equipment, ....yes....they "eat" a big portion of everything that comes in....and we invest a lot every year to be on top of the line in every trend and technique that comes out!

If you do the math, you will see that we should be charging much more than what we do an hour! ;-)