The Playful Heart – Set 3 -English



Playful Heart Set 3 is a complementary set of experiential cards for The Playful Heart Essential. With playful and heartwarming interactions designed to evoke feeling in family and child portrait sessions, this set includes addition of 17 brand new play games and 3 love games, perfect for you to add to your Essential set.

Remember, to buy this set, you will need to have THE PLAYFULHEART ESSENTIAL first, where you will find all the basic information how to use these games to create everlasting memories for your family / children photography sessions.

You will receive these cards in JPG and PDF which you can have on your iphone / ipad or print to have it with you to the photography session.

The download link will be available only once and for max 48 hours after you buy the cards!



Through photography we found love and through love we do our photography.

We share the belief that the best things in life lie in simple things, family and closeness to nature. We hope that we are the match you are looking for!

Big hugs from Stockholm!

Juliana & Johan