Russian & Swedish City Wedding in Kastellholmen, Skeppsholmen

“This will be the fourth time we get married, so we want it to be all about us, love, family & friends.”

We met Max & Dilya at the Moderna Museet for coffee one afternoon to hear their story.

For me finding things we have in common gives me a lot plus-points in my energy bank when choosing if a couple is right for us. That Dilya had moved to Sweden for love, that she had learned a lot of Swedish in a super short time and that Max told me that they were so different from each other and this is what they loved the most about one another….well, these were just a few things that made me love them right there.

It’s getting more and more common for us to photograph ceremonies where the couple has already being married legally but have chosen to read their vows and tell each other they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together among friends & family, without any legal or religious connections.

The celebrants of their wedding were both Max’s brother and Dilya’s brother. One speaking in Swedish /English and the other speaking in Russian.They mixed themselves lots of traditions from both countries and told us that grandparents they loved dearly had traveled a long way to celebrate this moment with them, so we made sure we captured every single moment with them!

Curiosities and Serendipities: M&D distributed stones to all of their guests and on the stones they were supposed to write the couple messages for them to have on their new life together. During the ceremony, presents were also given to the couple and the couple gave presents to their parents and grandparents! ♥︎
Package they have chosen: The London Package



Through photography we found love and through love we do our photography.

We share the belief that the best things in life lie in simple things, family and closeness to nature. We hope that we are the match you are looking for!

Big hugs from Stockholm!

Juliana & Johan